Taos Fly Classes
Taylor Streit Guide School
May 18th-21st, 2017

Due to a need for fly fishing guides throughout the Rocky Mountains, Taylor Streit and Taos Fly Shop started a guide’s school in 2008. Taylor is a logical choice to conduct this school as he was elected as a “legendary guide” in 2001 into the Freshwater Fishing Hall Of Fame and has guided for over thirty years. His four books are Instinctive Fly Fishing 1 and II, Fly Fishing New Mexico and Man vs Fish—The Fly Fisherman’s Eternal Struggle. Instinctive Fly Fishing II will be our text book. It was written from a guide’s perspective and is unlike any other fly fishing book because it gets down to the real reasons why people do—or don’t—catch fish. The school will run 4 days, with all participants meeting at the Taos Fly Shop at 9a.m.,  and will include: • Casting lessons/teaching casting--with Nick and Taylor Streit • Evaluating conditions/where to fish and when •The fly fishing personalities—guiding kids, woman, beginners and experts • Taking charge and keeping clients in good water • Hatches, fly choices • Knots and rigging • Pond guiding • Landing and releasing fish • Wading • Exploring • And last but not least—crafting the “fishing excuse” • GUIDES CHARM SCHOOL: Making lunch, clock reading, gassing up (the car that is—not the guide). Getting big tips! Developing return clients. Drift boat instruction available with Nick Streit The real emphasis of this class will be on the water; and from Taylor’s wealth of experience you will learn to deal with the incredible number of variations that occur in nature—in both human nature and Mother Nature. If you are not a great fly fisher—as of yet—don’t be intimidated as much of fly fishing guiding is about teaching beginners, and does not necessarily require advanced skills. If you have a willingness to learn, are responsible and can make sensible decisions that is a big part of the job. The total cost is $750 (plus tax) that includes a copy of Instinctive Fly Fishing and 4 lunches. If you just want to take this course and have no plans of guiding you are welcome and you will acquire a much deeper understanding of the sport. (But please keep in mind, although students will get to fish, this school is not about attendees fishing.)All students should bring all typical fishing gear(be prepaired for any weather conditions),and also keep in mind that during the class students are extended a shop discount. 


# of people:
$ 750.00 per person