Guide School with Taylor and Nick Streit Price: $595.00 Per Person

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A practical, no-nonsense course for people intrested in becoming a fly fishing guide.

The Streit’s and their guides are the logical choice to conduct this school as Taylor was elected as a “legendary guide” in 2001 into the Freshwater Fishing Hall Of Fame. He and Nick have 60 years of guiding experience! Taylor’s four books are Instinctive Fly Fishing 1 and II, Fly Fishing New Mexico and Man vs Fish—The Fly Fisherman’s Eternal Struggle.

  • Instinctive Fly Fishing II will be our text book. It was written from a guide’s perspective and has been called “the guide’s bible”. It is unlike any other fly fishing book because it gets down to the real reasons why people do—or don’t—catch fish—not theory.
  • Evaluating conditions/where to fish and when                                
  • The fly fishing personalities—guiding kids, woman, beginners and experts
  • Taking charge and keeping clients in good water
  • Hatches, fly choices
  • Knots and rigging
  • Pond guiding
  • Landing and releasing fish
  • Wading
  • The fun part--exploring—how to find fish with maps and google earth
  • And last but not least—crafting the “fishing excuse”
  • GUIDES CHARM SCHOOL: Making lunch, clock reading, gassing up (the car that is—not the guide). Getting big tips! And where to look for guiding jobs. Hosting trips. Ranch jobs etc.
  • Drift boat instruction available