Guide Staff

Brian Spilman

has been guiding with us for more than 20 years.  A native New Mexican, he was raised working in the outdoors and is a legendary bow hunter. He takes summers off from his construction business in Albuquerque to work for us.  He does what it takes to catch fish—be it long hours or long hikes--and with a confident smile won from pleasing thousands of clients.

Christoph Engle

guides almost a hundred trips a year and fishes nearly a hundred more.  His precise manner leaves little to chance when teaching and guiding. He finds the best fishing for the conditions at hand. He custom fits his clients to the fishing that is right for them. When he sets out in the morning we know that if where there are fish to be caught C.E. will find ‘em.

Ron Sedall

is a native New Mexican and works for us full time--in the shop when he is not guiding. A graduate with honors from our guides school he has demonstrated a great instinctive ability for finding-and catching trout. Although we had to pry the rod from his hot hands we have successfully harnessed his talents towards teaching our clients how to fish Nor style. Ron specialty is hiking into the canyon in search of big trout. His passion and dedication to the sport of fly fishing is something we do not see much of anymore and it is a joy to be around.

Emily Roley

Emily hails from Tennessee where she learned to fly fish as a teenager and spent her youth hiking and fishing her way through the Appalachian mountains. In 2014 she decided that she wanted to take her passion to the next level and pursue fly fishing as a full time career. She gravitated west and found a perfect home with the Taos Fly Shop. 


Jason Sides

Jason is our signature fly tyer. He’s been filling the shop’s bins with our local patterns and his own creations for years. He brings that same level of creativity, passion and experience to the water. Whether casting to a tailing carp or laying out a dry with a Tenkara rod his passion for the sport runs deep.

Evan Claassen

Evan is by far the most advanced rookie we have ever hired. He is an old soul who should have been born in the time when hunting and fishing was not for the weekend sportsman more concerned with indoor trivialities, but when it was a matter of life and death.


Charles "Tiger" Stafford

Charles joined our guide team in 2019. As our “new old guy,” we’re happy to have him; his enthusiasm for fly fishing is infectious and just plain fun to be around. With decades of fishing, coaching and teaching experience, Charles enjoys nothing more than seeing his clients catch fish. He’s an avid student of the sport and our local waters. In the winter months Charles is a ski instructor in Taos Ski Valley. 

Andy Konash

Andy has been fishing and hunting the wild's of New Mexico since he was a kid.  He is a school teacher in the off-season, so rest assured he will be able to instruct you with a high level of patience- or put you in the corner if you miss a big fish!  Anddy's easy going spirit and love of the outdoos makes him a wonderfull guide to spend a day on the river with.  

Ian Smuczynski

Ian moved to Taos from Florida, where he quickly traded his Tarpon rod for a 3 wieght and his beach umbrella for a pair of skiis.  Since then he has guided hundreds of happy clients to thier first fish.  Ian has a great talent for making fly fishing fun and helps ease the anxiety some people have about learning to fly fish.

Nick Streit

Nick spends most of his time running his two fly shop's (he is also co-owner of The Reel Life in Santa Fe) but can still occasionaly be found down in the cayon guiding his long-time clients.  In the Spring, Nick instructs several classes including "Instinctive Fly Fishing School" and the Taos Fly Shop "Guide School".  Nick has a passion for conservation and is currently the Conservation Chair of Enchanted Circle chapter of Trout Unlimited. Nick is also on the board for EndeavOR New Mexico, a non -profit organization advocating outdoor recreatiin in New Mexico.